Warm and Welcoming Foyer Decor Ideas

Foyer is an area by the front door of a house. A foyer provides space for a guest to pause comfortably before he or she enters the living room. Therefore, foyers are usually decorated with bench or chair. The following are foyer decor ideas.

cool black foyer vanity set with armchair set under staircase plus round floral rug on laminate floor

The first picture shows a beautiful small foyer. White and beige striped wallpapers attach on the small foyer walls, creating an attractive look. Blue and white decorative plates even hang on a wall. There is a small dark wood bench with comfortable cushion in front of the wall. Small bolsters and pillow complement the dark wood bench. Small black and white tables flank the bench. A traditional table lamp decorates the white table. Meanwhile, the black table is adorned with a potted green plant. Traditional beautiful lamp hangs from the foyer ceiling.

From the second picture, you can see a larger foyer. Light turquoise wallpapers with interesting patterns adorn the upper walls of the foyer. Meanwhile, the lower walls are decorated with white headboard. Artistic brown patterned rug lies on the foyer’s wood floor. Round wood table with white top stands on the rug. A glass vase of white flowers beautifies the round table. Light fixture with unique glass shade is hung over the table. There is also a coat stand in the foyer. You cannot find any bench or chair in the foyer. However, it’s not a problem at all because the foyer already feels so beautiful and comfortable.

If you are a person, who often invite guests for dinner, then you may place a dining table in your foyer. By decorating your foyer with a dining table, then people will think of you as a warm and friendly person. Don’t forget to complement the dining table with beautiful and comfortable chairs. Hanging chandelier over the dining table is also a good idea.

artistic brown floral foyer wall painting background designed with decorative interior set also candles lighting

artistic statues between floating shelf paired with brown foyer oriental rug on laminate floor idea

beautiful brown oriental rug combined with wooden foyer interior set plus decorative doorway design

contemporary white foyer designed with archway also round pendant lamp decor idea

large brown oriental rug with oval wooden table under tube glass pendant lamp decorating white foyer idea

minimalist white foyer designed with corner wooden side table plus decorative table lamp near doorway idea

modern brown foyer decorated with drum pendant lamp also two side black glass french doors

neutral cream foyer color decorated with wooden mudroom storages set near white french window

sleek laminate floor designed with brown foyer archways also decorative wooden interior set

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