Wall Mounted Changing Table

Nowadays wall mounted changing table is very popular amongst young parents with new born babies. There are many advantages when you get a wall mounted changing table namely the table requires less space than the traditional changing tables, which is very great considering it is very hard to find affordable house for additional and temporary necessities like baby changing table. There are many different kinds of baby changing table and some of them even won awards because of its simple design and operational. Here are some baby changing tables that you should consider getting.

Modern Designs Wall Mounted Changing Table Ikea

Types of Baby Changing Table

The wall mounted baby changing table from Bo Design is one of the most popular changing tables around. Aside from winning prizes in its class, the wall mounted changing table called Nathi is designed very elegantly using polished wooden materials as well as providing plenty of storage space. Nathi is made from polished European beech wood that will not only a great changing table to save space inside your home but also will look quite stylish when it perched on the wall of your home. Since it is made of high quality wood and all, the price of this changing table is quite expensive, around seven hundred thousand each.

Another wooden wall mounted changing table that you can get is this Classic Vertical changing tables that you can find on Amazon. The table is a lot simple in designed compare to Nathi and it is made from natural birch wood. The design is not as stylish as Nathi and it also load less baby necessity on its pocked sides. It is recommended for babies up to thirty pounds. Since this baby changing table is very simple in design, the price is also not that expensive when compared to Nathi which is only around three hundred dollars.

If you think that the two wall mounted changing table above are way too pricey for your taste, then you can try buying IKEA’s wall mounted baby changing table, the Antilop. As we known, IKEA always produced furniture pieces that is functional as well as very affordable. The design of this Antilop baby changing table is very simple which is square, white, and use plastic pockets to store the baby’s necessity. Due to its simple design and simple storage space, you can get the Antilop baby changing table as affordable as seventy dollars on IKEA’s store.

Cool Wall Mounted Changing Table For Home

Easy Wall Mounted Changing Table Wood Soft Material

Simple Wall Mounted Changing Table Wood

The Wall Mounted Changing Table For Baby Room

White Wood Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table

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