Picking Up the Serenity to Home by Setting Rustic Decorating

To balance the modern styles, home needs serenity. Serenity is such a peaceful feeling that brings harmony to the modern lifestyle. So serenity is coming importantly for home. Therefore, home should be designed or decorated properly to get the proper feeling. Anyway, rustic decorating is a great idea to invite serenity inside the home. Related to the rustic decorating, this living room is fulfilled with some rustic ornaments and furniture. Calm accent spreads over the room interior. Bright brown wall is lined in the middle with the dark brown wood. It separates the wall into two parts. The upper part is filled with wooden shelf which accommodate clay craft and some jugs. Brown clayed color is also chosen for the arm sofa. Completed with brown cushions, this sofa could be the good seat. Wooden coffee table looks harmonious with the wooden floor.

christmas tree combine with ancient sofa design cover oriental rug faced with rustic indoor fireplace

Come to the next living room, the rustic decorating gives warm feeling inside the serenity. Wooden roof covers the brick walls. The brick walls show the natural texture that could add the warmth inside the room. Fireplace really fits to be set in this living room. Medium fireplace is in front of the long sofa that is completed with the wooden coffee table. In the corner, some classical guitars are standing on the wooden table. It is totally rustic decoration.

Meanwhile, the semi rustic decorating is set in bedroom. Tile wall is accompanied with the red brick wall. Wooden bed is put on the calm colored rug. A wooden side table looks smooth beside the bed. Wooden medium cabinet is adjacent to the brick wall. Each of rustic furniture in here fulfills the right space. Well, rustic decorations are perfect to give serenity inside the modern lifestyle. Moreover, the decorations deal with any kind of room’s characters. For the result, the rooms look warm and serene with the rustic decorations.

ancient display wall rack filled with some antique ornaments and illuminated with table lamp close with rustic sofa

classic sofa plus table coffee overlooking with indoor fireplace with candlestick decoration on mantel present rustic living space

fantastic living space decorated with rustic bookshelves combine with ancient sofa and floral pattern rug on wooden floor

indoor stone fireplace overlooking with rustic sofa plus coffee table create vintage nuance combine with different kind of guitar

open kitchen island paired with classic kitchen cabinet combine with cooking table plus bar stool faced with dining table

red brick wall combine with under staircase dressing table combine with rustic bedside beside vintage bed design

rustic bed flanked with ancient nightstand light beside old cabinet filled on vintage bedroom design

rustic decoration filled on kitchen island equipped with traditional stove beside cooking table plus ball pendant lamp design

rustic lantern decorate wood mantel plus ancient socks decoration combine with small indoor fireplace

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