Powder Room Decor Makes Better Outlook

Powder rooms are also known as toilets. The term comes from the idea that women apply powder—or any other forms of make up, in this room. Powder rooms are typically located on the lowest floor in a building, allowing personal use and public use for guests visiting. Powder rooms need to make people feel comfortable while they are in it. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel grotesque due to poor powder room maintenance, would you?

narrow powder room design decor with grey painted wall and ornamental picture above the toilet and hanging washstand with classic frame mirror

If you fancy a luxurious surrounding employed by five starred hotels, then this model would steal your heart. Magnificent dark brown oak carved walls will leave a strong impression in your guests. The marble table with built-in stainless steel wash basin and a gold water tap enhances a shimmering look when combined with the dim lighted wall lamp. A large rectangular mirror is available for you to use when applying makeup. A complement of aromatic oiled wood shrubs placed by the corner of the table will help to get rid of bad aromas in the room.

Our second design emphasizes the use of patterned wainscoting and porcelain toilet apparels. The metallic water tap and soap handle attached to the porcelain wash basin will ease you when cleaning up. A hanging paper chandelier surrounds the room with a shimmery light, matching the twin horn-shaped wall lamps by the wash basin. Don’t forget to always refill the tissue dispenser by the toilet so your guests won’t have a hard time cleaning up!

Inspired by a style called the Delfware style, this powder room reminds us of the room in a traditional monastery in the early 1950s—only, we made look significantly cooler. The classic red brick walls are replaced with these green plaster tiles covering the walls. The flooring makes use of the classic retro design of black polka-dots on white. The washbasin is made of white porcelain, matching the shades of green offered in this room. Top it off with these twin wall lamps to ease your guests while doing their final touch ups. We sure hope we inspired you with fresh ideas to upgrade your powder room!

classic powder room decor with square frame mirror and yellow pendant lamps near unique looks with decorative plant and paint on it

powder room decor with big frameless mirror and oval white wash bowl on laminate flooring and recessed lights

powder room decor with black ornamental line on wall and white washstand near white window on dark brown laminate floor

powder room design decor with yellow wall lights between white frame mirror and white wastafel around turquoise ceramic wall

powder room design decor with yellow wall lights on mirror with black wash bowl and leaves accent on wall decal plus decorative plant

powder room design with yellow pendant lamps above mirror near white wash bowl on dark brown wooden cabinets

powder room design with yellow wall lights on mirror with wood frame also marble wash bowl

royal powder room decor with square carving frame mirror and yellow pendant lamps with golden carving wall

simple powder room decor with square frame mirror and yellow pendant lamps around olive green wall also decorative plant on washstand

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