Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas that Offer Beautiful Nature View

It’s a good idea to create an outdoor bathroom. The bathroom can help you to get closer with nature. While taking a bath, you can also breathe fresh air and enjoying nature view. Well, here are outdoor bathroom ideas for you.

rain shower head combine with stone bathtub rounded with big stone and gravel decorate outdoor bathroom

The first picture shows a spacious and marvelous outdoor bathroom. The outdoor bathroom is surrounded by fences, so there’s no need to worry about privacy. It seems that the fences are made from wood sticks. A few lovely lanterns are hung on the fences. The lanterns enable you to use the outdoor bathroom during evening. There is a white ellipse bathtub with platform in the bathroom. You can also find a tall tree in the bathroom. The tall tree certainly creates bold natural feel in the bathroom.

The second outdoor bathroom offers not only nature view, but also luxury. The outdoor bathroom has roof, so that you can use it in all weathers. Gray square tiles are installed on the outdoor bathroom. A white ellipse bathtub provides great luxury in the bathroom. The white ellipse bathtub allows you to soak deeply and comfortably in it. While soaking in the bathtub, you can also enjoy wonderful view of ocean. Well, you cannot get such view in other bathrooms.

From the third picture, you can see an outdoor bathroom with simple design. However, the simple outdoor bathroom is very lovely. Small stones spread on the ground, creating natural impression in the outdoor bathroom. A unit of small wood planks serves as comfortable platform for you to stand. White walls surround the outdoor bathroom. You can find a built-in floating shelf on a wall. Small potted green plant adorns the floating shelf. Meanwhile, elegant gray stone tiles attach on another wall. A stainless steel shower head is mounted on the tiled wall.

awesome outdoor bathroom with sand floor illuminated with rustic lantern paired with white oval bathtub

glass door divide indoor and outdoor bathroom combine with vintage arm chair and modern rain shower head

rustic vat combine with rain shower head plus motif ceramic decorate outdoor bathroom design

sea scenery bring nautical nuance with decorative outdoor bathroom paired with white bathtub plus faucet

string light attach to roof illuminate outdoor bathroom in evening with vintage bathtub decoration

wall stone with rain shower head close wood base useful rack filled on outdoor bathroom

white bathtub in outdoor bathroom fit sophisticated hot tube equipped with stylish rain shower head

wood footing combine with stone to decorate outdoor bathroom equipped with rain shower head

wood footpath toward outdoor bathroom design present rain shower head with wood base idea

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