Inserting Chinese Touch to Home Interior with Oriental Rugs

Recently, Chinese theme becomes people’s favorite inspiration to design home interior. This theme has its own character. High art and classy tastes are two things that are in Chinese theme. Hence, everybody tries to insert Chinese touch to home interior. Those rugs are called as oriental rugs. The rugs accentuate the identity of Chinese touch. From the motif to the color, the rugs truly bring Chinese feeling and the rugs are good to cover floorboard for every room. Variance of oriental rugs could be selected according to the character of the rooms. Each room will be more artistic with the oriental rugs.

dark brown chesterfield lounge sofa aside stylish yellow sofa combine with classic oriental rug cover laminate floor

Red is a color, which always used by almost of Chinese. It inspires the color of this Oriental rug in the dining room. Large red rug encompasses the modern furniture. Brick wall on this room look warm and support the energy, which is penetrated by the red rug. The Oriental rug energizes wooden table in plain countertop. This red rug is perfect to cheer up the semi modern room. Meanwhile, the Oriental rug in brown color looks calm and classy in the next dining room. Modern dining furniture is adorned by the epic motif of the rug. Glass panel of the door gives the broad view to this room and let the sunlight shine the motif of this rug. This rug does not look contrast with the wooden floor.

Contrast with that room, in this room the pair of Oriental rugs is exposing the floorboard. Surrounded by the modern European furniture, the Oriental rug looks artistic. This rug also encounters the Chinese motif coffee table. This Ousak and Kilim rug fits for the small space. Due to this rug, this space exists in harmony. Well, oriental rugs are suitable for to evoke Chinese feeling in the home. The rugs give artistic touch. Moreover, the rugs exist for modern design or classical design, so that the rugs support any kinds of home design.

classic bedroom present padded queen size bed paired with rustic cabinet close white lounge sofa embellished with oriental rug

dining area present classic dining table with chic candlestick plus chairs covered with floral oriental rug

fancy bedroom with decorative royal headboard design and padded bed flanked with classic nightstand plus bedroom bench and orange oriental rug

fancy red and blue motif oriental rug combine with coffee table and modern black sofa faced white lounge sofa

glass coffee table faced modern sofa design plus stylish cushions decorated with unique table decoration and table lamp

laminate floor covered with fancy oriental rug close with indoor fireplace faced stylish red sofa plus polka cushions motif

red oriental rug decorate living space paired with white stylish sofa plus modern coffee table

sectional sofa faced with ancient lounge chair covered with red oriental rug fit in indoor fireplace

white bathtub plus hot and cold faucet with gold design combine with motif oriental rug and chic bathroom vanity

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