Modern Bookshelves Unit as a Cool Decorative Piece for Room

Modern bookshelves unit can function as a cool decorative piece. If you feel that your room looks less attractive, just decorate it with modern bookshelves unit. It does not matter whether you have many book collections or not. Modern bookshelves unit usually is already interesting in itself.

comfy brown living room armchair and coffee table set in front of modern ladder bookshelves decor

The first picture shows modern bookshelves unit standing near dark gray wall of a room. It has white frame. The bookshelves look very cool and impressive because they form attractive maze pattern. You certainly can find book collections on the bookshelves. A few elegant dark porcelains are also displayed on the bookshelves; they create more beautiful and impressive look. Gray rug lies on floor in front of the bookshelves. There are two low modern floor lamps on the gray rug.

From the second picture, you can see two modern bookshelves with design that resembles tree. They look so cool and attractive, right? The modern tree bookshelves are installed on a wall. There is a unique modern wall clock without frame beside the tree bookshelves. If you want to give unique and cool touch to your room, then add it with such modern tree bookshelves. I think the modern tree bookshelves can also become good choice for a home office.

It’s an elegant living room with dark upholstered chair and ottoman. There is a unique black modern bookshelves unit behind the upholstered chair. The black modern bookshelves unit is unique because it cannot stand by itself, but it’s also not installed on any wall. You can see clearly that the bookshelves unit just lean on a wall. The leaning bookshelves are used not only for storing books, but also for displaying potted plants and beautiful artworks. There are also a few storage boxes on the leaning bookshelves. You may place such leaning bookshelves in your living room.

comely white bedroom paired with modern black branch bookshelves also decorative anglepoise set on desk

compact modern white bookshelves with recessed lights designed near stairs also black living room sofa

cool beam tower floor lamp put on near gray living room sofa set also modern white bookshelves

cool blue and brown interior set in front of modern white bookshelves put on near unique stainless steel floor lamps

gorgeous mirrored end table under cone pendant lamp combined with modern black floating bookshelves living room decor

gray wall paint comfy brown living room armchair and coffee table set in front of modern ladder bookshelves

minimalist modern bookshelves designed with braid under shelf storages set on laminate floor idea

unique modern wooden bookshelves decorate white living room with sofa set also brown rug

unusual floor lamps set on brown rug paired with modern white maze bookshelves decorating idea

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