Lovely and Charming Wardrobes Designs for Kids

Small wardrobes are already good enough for kids because they usually don’t have so many collections of clothes. However, you’re allowed to place a large wardrobe in a kid’s room. In this article, I will display pictures of lovely and charming wardrobes designs for kids. Take a look.

white changing pad overlooking with moses basket beside mini wardrobe paired with fancy lamp

In this first picture, you can see a small pink house-inspired wardrobe for little girl. Although the house-inspired wardrobe is small, it looks so lovely. The pink wardrobe only has one door. A few small dolls are leaned on lower part of the pink wardrobe. The wardrobe stands beside a pink bed frame with floral bedding. If you have a little daughter, you may consider decorating her bedroom with such house-inspired wardrobe.

If your kid has many collections of clothes, then you have to provide a larger wardrobe in his or her room. From the second picture, you can see a large pink and white wardrobe. Since the large wardrobe comes in pink and white colors, it’s more suitable for little girl. If you have a little son, choose large wardrobe in other colors. Well, the large pink and white wardrobe has two doors with pink handles. A long mirror is attached on space between the doors. You can even find two pink drawers below the mirror. An attractive red rug lies on floor in front of the wardrobe.

The second picture shows a bedroom with white walls and floor. A large beige wardrobe decorates the bedroom corner. It seems that the beige wardrobe is made from wood. There are a few shelves and rods for clothing within the wardrobe. I think the beige wardrobe can be suitable for all kids, whether they are girls or boys. A tennis racket leans on wall near the wardrobe. Meanwhile, modern bunk bed with orange and gray beddings stands beside the wardrobe.

awesome wardrobe with soft pink and blue color combine with toy filled on kid bedroom

barbie theme filled on male kid bedroom with pretty wardrobe and pink rug close with cradles

bunk bed with orange bedsheet decorative with wall display rack beside wardrobe for kids bedroom

feminine bedroom present white wardrobe with house design beside princess bed frame plus padded mattress

girly bedroom present beautiful wall mural and soft pink kid wardrobe aside mini sofa combine with fancy rug

glass window installed in kid bedroom close with stylish wardrobe equipped with hook combine with black rug

mini bed overlooking with green desk beside wall wardrobe and combine with mini playing room

pink bed frame with padded mattress fit with floral bedding beside fancy wardrobe for kid bedroom

simple white wardrobe for kid bedroom faced with padded bed plus soft pink bedding decorated with dark pink fur rug

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