Ideas to Create Attractive and Cheerful Look in Kids Bathroom

Kid will be so happy if he or she has a special bathroom with cheerful look. The following are ideas that can help you to create cheerful look in a kid’s bathroom. Enjoy reading!

colorful wall create pleasant bathroom for kids with white washbasin plus faucet close mini bathtub

If you’re a parent, then you must know that it’s sometimes difficult to ask kids to bathe (especially when they’re still playing). Well, a bathroom with cheerful look actually can overcome this problem. Based on my experiences, kids will really love to bathe in a cheerful bathroom. The first picture shows an example of cheerful bathroom for kid. The bathroom has funny and cute monkey theme. You can find two small monkey-themed rugs on the bathroom floor. Meanwhile, a curtain with monkey and tree images functions as cover for bathtub shower in the bathroom.

The second kid’s bathroom looks so cheerful and attractive. Small square tiles in various colors attach nicely on the bathroom walls. The small colorful square tiles create attractive patterns on the walls. There is a small white bathtub with platform in the bathroom. Small colorful square tiles also adorn the bathtub platform. Two white floating sinks with stainless steel arch faucet give nice modern touch to the bathroom. Cabinets with mirrored doors mount on wall above the floating sinks.

The second picture shows a section of a kid’s bathroom. Cute orange chick wall decals stick on the bathroom wall. Orange and yellow floating sink creates more attractive look in the bathroom. Rectangular mirror in lovely yellow frame hangs horizontally on wall above the floating sinks. There is also a white flush in the bathroom. Well, a bathroom for kid doesn’t have to be fancy. If you can create cheerful look in the bathroom, then the kid must be already happy. After reading this article, I hope you can get inspirations to create cheerful look in a kid’s bathroom. Good luck!

bathroom vanity for kids decorate marble backsplash with mini washbasin plus hot and cold faucet combine with chic mirror

ceiling light illuminate bathroom for kid with funny shower curtain overlooking with stylish vanity beside closet

colorful wall display rack close with mini black bathtub plus rain shower head beside white bathroom vanity

contemporary bathtub equipped with modern rain shower head combine with stylish bathroom vanity

cute fusion orange and yellow washbasin plus faucet with decorative funny mirror beside mini closet

giraffe wall decoration combine with wall hook and mini washbasin plus faucet and also small circle mirror

shower curtain cover bathtub combine with white closet beside bathroom vanity plus mirror and illuminated with wall light

shower curtain faced with wall hook and white towel under fancy picture frame attach to soft green wall paint

washstand faced with corner bathtub beside white closet decorated with table decoration embellished with white flower

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