Fireplace Designs for Outdoor Sitting Area

If you want to bring warmth into an outdoor sitting area, then I suggest you to add it with a fireplace. The fireplace can also make the sitting area look more beautiful. Well, the following are stunning fireplace designs for outdoor sitting area.

awesome multilevel stony outdoor fireplace with wooden deck chair on a round tiles yard

I’m so amazed with the first outdoor fireplace design. The fireplace looks so awesome; it’s built from stone blocks. The stone fireplace has a stunning chimney. There is a diamond pattern on the chimney exterior. You can find burning woods inside the fireplace. The stone fireplace even also has built-in small waterfalls. Blue light fixtures make the small waterfalls look more amazing. A brown earthenware vase adorns the fireplace hearth. Potted green plants also help to beautify the fireplace.

The second picture shows an outdoor sitting area offering beautiful forest view. Small stone tiles are installed on the sitting area floor. Comfortable wicker sofa and chairs stand on the stone floor tiles. A stone fireplace with chimney creates warmth in the outdoor sitting area. The stone fireplace also has built-in storage’s for wood. A few orange pumpkins are put on space above the wood storage’s. The fireplace’s hearth is also decorated with orange pumpkins. The orange pumpkins make the fireplace look more stunning.

From the third picture, you can see a wood deck in a backyard with fences. The wood deck serves as a comfortable sitting area. There is a small round wood table on the deck. Two wood chairs with railing seat and backrest complement the table. A square concrete fire pit gives cool touch to the sitting area while bringing warmth. Well, it’s the time for you to build a fireplace in your own outdoor sitting area. The fireplace won’t fail to enhance the look and feel of your sitting area. If the fireplace has interesting design, then it will be better.

amazing cone red brick fireplace design with wooden storage and two yellowish sofa

elegant white outdoor fireplace design with round patio and some decorative plants

excellent tall outdoor fireplace design with diamond pattern and two decorative waterfall and metal sofa

gorgeous outdoor fireplace design with chimney and large patio and creamy sofa design

Home creamy fireplace with candelabrums and television set and large firm patio design

Outdoor fireplace design with concrete stony mantel and wood storage and three rattan sofa

Simple elegant square fire pit on black concrete design with deck wooden chair and floor

Sophisticated home shaped fireplace design with wooden storage and wonderful grey sofa design and mini black coffee table

stunning stony outdoor fireplace design with creamy brown sofa and artistic round coffee table

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