Cute Rustic Nursery Furniture for Your Beloved Baby

You are searching for rustic nursery furniture for your baby to give comfort rest for him? But you still confuse which one you will select. You definitely want to give the best for your baby, right? It is a good idea to have a discussion with your wife or husband. The first thing you can consider is about the gender of your baby. Is your baby a girl or a boy? Then you can make a theme which is appropriate. Don’t forget to determine the material, whether made by oak or pine.

Rustic Baby Furniture Ideas Design Ideas

For your baby boy, choose the simple and minimalist rustic baby nursery furniture. It can be just box-shaped as usual without too many ornaments. The material can be from oak. Usually, boy does more movement than girl, moreover he is stronger and heavy. This kind of wood is strong enough to hold the movement and weigh of your baby. Complete with soft pillow which makes your baby more comfort there. You can choose hero theme for other supplies such as superman or Batman.

If your baby is girl, select the rustic furniture which has funny and sweet design. It can be curved shape at the top of this furniture. Make it sweeter by put funny dolls there, don’t forget the pillow to make your baby’s rest more comfort. For a girl, princess theme is appropriate for her. You can apply the theme for the thick blankets to keep her feel warm. For suggestion, complete it with netting to protect your baby from the mosquitoes’ bite because baby’s skin is still soft and susceptible.

Those are above you can follow as a reference, so beside the function you will also get the stylish. Check the baby shop near you. There are so many choices of baby nursery furniture collections for your beloved baby.

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