Cool Room Designs Ideas for Teens

It must be confusing in choosing a new room decoration for newly grown daughter as a teenager, cool room designs for your daughter or son can be tried. There is a transition time when she or he was a kid into an adult. This time is called teenager. Teenager develops their behavior and mind in this path. As a parent, we have to make his or her private room in a balance with his or her age. They do not like to keep their stuff toys, toy car, Barbie dolls, and other toys that she or he collects. Actually, it is natural.

cool apartment with shabby chic study room in white

Do not be worry too much, because in here I am going to discuss about cool room designs for teens. As teenagers will directly show up their likes and dislikes, let us compromise to her room. Ask what kind of theme she likes and do not like. Next step is asking what supporting colors to complete its theme. After we have gone through some questionnaires about her favorite cool teen decoration, let us get the party started!

First thing we have to do in cool room designs is choosing what styles are up to date for teens since they are thinking freely, independent and even radical. There are some styles that we are going to discuss. The most familiar theme for teens is gothic. As gothic has some striking colors such as red, burgundy, black, gold, and purple, get him or her choose by them. Paint the wall with one or two of those colors. Choose dark furniture for cabinets and window. For curtain and pillow give some white brocade.

The next top choice for cool room design is shabby chic. For teens who are girly and feminism, this kind of design can fit them. Shabby chic is a soft art decoration for room. This design usually has some colors domination such as soft pink, creamy orange or yellow, and soft purple. For bedding, use the surrounding bed cover and pillow with lace. Vintage patterns such as floral and birds are involved. Buy some furniture in the flea market. In the flea market, we might able to find cabinets or mirror with unique patterns. Use window decoration in a light wood and lace floral pattern curtain. Use lace table lamp which is stood beside the bed.

One of the last favorite cool room design ideas is surfer. Can you imagine being a surfer? What kind of panorama do you usually find there? Surfer is identical with beach atmosphere. In the beach, we are able to see blue for the sky and water, orange yellow for the sun, green for the trees. Paint the wall with blue–white or yellow orange-white. On the ceiling, choose blue which represents the sky. Put his or her surfer idol sticker on the wall. Buy a surf board as an accessory and light wooden cabinet. For window, you can choose bamboo pattern for curtain or palm trees pattern. Actually, there are many styles that we can adapt in choosing cool room design for your teens.

cool room designs for dining room look shabby chic furniture

cool room designs with black gothic style color

cool shabby chic bedroom closet designs

creative and colorful living room design with shabby chic style look cool

eames chair is another classic cool narrow dining room designs

gothic library cool room designs

old chair vintage door and shabby chic delight cool room designs

victorian gothic cool room designs for high living room ceiling

white shabby chic cool room designs for teen girls bedroom

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