Cool Ideas to Decorate Large Living Room

Living room can be said as one special place. Not only can we spend our time with family here, but we can also have some chit chat with our friends. Moreover, this is the place where we welcome some other guests too. Decorating a living room can be easy as well as difficult. In our opinion, the one with large space is more difficult. Some of us might not know what to put there so it is not too spacious. In this case, we have some large living room ideas you can try in your house.

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Three Awesome Ideas of Decorating Living Room with Large Space

In this article, we have mentioned three styles of living room which might interest you. All of them are intended to make a use of each corner of the place efficiently.

1. Mini bar.

Most people might think that they should place a number of furniture so there will be no big space left out. Instead of having that kind of thought, why not leaving one space and turning into a mini bar? This mini bar can placed on the corner of the room. In this bar, we can make our own drinking such as champagne, wine, cocktail, and so on. Of course, we need to set a lock system here so children will not be able to enter it as they like.

2. Sitting at the center of the room.

Usually, people place their sofa or couch against to a wall. Since we have a large living room, that kind of placement is not necessary to do. To make it different, we can put all seats at the center facing toward fireplace and television. What about the surroundings? Well, we can put some shelves to put various things. If you love books, then we can turn it into a small library. If you love antiques, we can create a mini museum here. Alternatively, we can hang a number of family pictures in time order.

3. Japanese living room.

Bringing Japan to a living room is one of our favorite large living room ideas. Since it is a large room we are talking now, we can put several elements of Japan here. Imagine a short leg coffee table in the middle of the room complete with no leg chairs surrounding it. on one corner, there is a tokonoma. It is a certain spot where people put a few antiques such as samurai sword, a scroll of painting, or even samurai armor. It aims to let people admire a piece of art here. On the other corner, we can create four tatami room where we can have a tea break in Japanese style.

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