Contemporary Kitchen Design New 2018

There are so many kitchen designs, but I will focus on contemporary kitchen design. Kitchen is often referred as the heart of the home; the kitchen is a place to cook and prepare food then served for meals and entertains guests. In ancient times kitchen was only for cooking, but now appears much modified kitchen with lots of models, such as the application of a sink, a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, it is all intended to make us feel comfortable and at ease in the kitchen.

awesome contemporary kitchen design with black color and industrial bar stools for home mini bar

Now, we are intending on contemporary kitchen design. Nowadays, kitchen design is also very experienced in progress, not only in space but the graphics and design of the kitchen is now also reaching the kitchen, or often called the contemporary kitchen design ideas. At this time a lot of furniture or a room that has more than one function, such as a kitchen.

Hence, contemporary kitchen design is a multi-functional kitchen, because it is not only a place to cook, but also a place to interact with others. The concept of interaction is what will be included in a contemporary kitchen design is not only a box-shaped kitchen, but can be set some other things inside the kitchen, such as TV, a set of chair and table, etc.

There are many differences between contemporary kitchen design and a common kitchen or traditional. Contemporary kitchen is very focused on neatness, while ordinary or traditional kitchen is messier. Where traditional kitchen designs typically use a lot of timber, oil, but with a contemporary kitchen can be identified with a super modern workplace, advanced, hygienic equipment. Lighting is an important way in which the modern kitchen. Lighting can be set your own using small light bulbs (LED). Recessed Lights proved to be very good if put on the ceiling and on the worktops, while lighting the lamp cover can be a perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen putting on the table.

Here the wood contemporary kitchen design cabinets components are also very important, in order to use high quality anti termite of danger and ultimately hollow. Besides tools used in contemporary kitchen design is also very diverse, equipment that offers many functions and features while also interesting, such as a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine and others that will match the contemporary kitchen. This is why contemporary kitchen design becomes so popular in recent years, it is widely used usually those who live in modern minimalist homes and apartment.

classic contemporary kitchen design also white cabinet

contemporary kitchen backsplash designs with hardwood cabinet also mini bar stools

contemporary kitchen home mini bar design also retro swivel bar stools

detail in contemporary kitchen design and small space plus backsplash also white granite top

large contemporary kitchen designs with led lighting fixtures under cabinet also storage

one wall contemporary kitchen design ideas tips and green bar stools

open contemporary black and white kitchen design with living room also floating starcase

open space contemporary kitchen designs for apartment

stylish modern kitchen design ideas and contemporary black stools plus white mini pendant light

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