Contemporary Architecture to Build Fresh Home Atmosphere

Home is the most comfortable place on earth. It is a place where we go and comeback. There are many designs and styles of home. We can choose one of them according to our want. However, we have to know that certain home architecture can build certain impression. In this article, we will talk more about contemporary home architecture that will give fresh nuance for our home. Here several pictures to help you understand it.

Awesome modular home design with contemporary architecture plus wooden wall decoration and transparent enclosure

Picture number one shows a great and stunning home architecture. This home has two floors and has sensational shape and design. In the first floor, we will see massive use of glass material while in the second floor tough white wall is dominantly used. In the front yard, we have a beautiful dense grass field with a stunning outdoor seating idea. We can get so much fresh air in the front yard.

In the second picture, combination of classic and modern is very gorgeous. Just like the first picture, this home architecture also consists of two floors. The great thing is that the home has nice outdoor swimming pool in the front yard. The terrace floor is made of wooden material and completed with romantic dining set. We can see that the dining set consists of a small white table with some white chairs. Several small sconces also attached on the wooden wall as the lighting unit.

The last picture offers strong elegancy in simplicity. The home architecture combined the use of rustic stone material for the wall decoration. We will see many glass windows in this home to produce much sunlight so the room can be brighter. On the terrace, you can find comfortable outdoor seating idea with some wooden chairs and wooden tables. Moreover, the front yard gives beautiful scenery from the many green plants and beautiful flowers.

Artistic underground white house design with long balcony and two stories additional building

Exclusive multilevel white building design with pool and green view environment surrounding

Glorious two stories contemporary architecture with large patio and stony pillar and transparent enclosure

Gorgeously artistic laying white floating house design with deck accent for contemporary architecture

Great combination of black stony wall and transparent enclosure for a modern home design with contemporary architecture

Lovely cream house design with deck enclosure and transparent bay window for contemporary architecture

Majestic modern home design with contemporary architecture with balcony and black accent wall

Outrageously wonderful large white building for contemporary architecture with curve diamond pattern and transparent enclosure

Wondrously luxurious square white home contemporary architecture with deck style and some bay windows

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