Best Reference of Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Chalk paint furniture ideas will be the great discussion for today. This furniture painting ideas can be the alternative solution for you who want to renew the look of your old furniture. Besides that, it can also help you to show or change different look of a room or whole look of your home interior.

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Well, for applying this project, you also have to know some references. So, there will be some ideas or guides you have to follow. By following those guides you can finish this project as well as you wish. Let’s check reading below! Here is the discussion of chalk paint furniture ideas.

Guides for Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

This type of painting will create your furniture having vintage look with unique touch. After that, you can also add paste wax with dark color to define its vintage look. There are also other options you can use. Keep reading below!

First of all, you can use kitchen island concept for this project. This type of kitchen is luxurious enough. Besides that, you can also add the wooden floor concept for creating dramatic effect. You can choose black color for your kitchen island furniture. It will really make your kitchen having high- end. Then, there will be the antique look you show.

After that, you can take sanding block effect for your next project. It will be used to sand off the chalk paint on several different ideas. This sander will make you easier to finish painting. You can also distress any part of your furniture for showing more natural look. You can choose all edges and the outer corners of furniture. There will be normal tear and wear you have.

Besides those techniques above, you also have to know that sometimes you can use chalk paint without sander. This technique will give more natural effect for your home furniture. After that, if you are going to paint the table, you have to let the top part in its original color. You can let it darker than other parts. So, you can show the greater result of this project.

Last, you can choose the green color of chalk paint for the furniture in a room with nature concept. This kind of color will create the calm and peaceful sense in order to match the room concept. Finally, those are all the discussions of chalk paint furniture ideas.

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