Inspiring and Lovely Bathroom Window Treatments

Window has important role to enhance the look of a bathroom. Therefore, it’s very important for you to treat your bathroom window nicely. The following are inspiring bathroom window treatments ideas.

fancy bathroom chandelier illuminated stylish white bathtub plus hot and cold faucet equipped with white frame window treatment

An all white bathroom looks so lovely. Beautiful white marble tiles attach on the bathroom floor. The bathroom walls are applied with white paint color. White bathtub and vanity create luxury impression. There is also a shower with glass door in the bathroom. You can find glass windows with white valances near the bathtub. The white valances give nice touch to the glass windows. They also fit with the overall look of the white bathroom. I think the white valances are also helpful to control the amount of sunlight entering the bathroom.

Let’s move to the second picture. It’s an elegant bathroom with dark gray walls. There is a floating vanity with white sink in the bathroom. Tiny beige square tiles adorn the top of the floating bathroom vanity. A rectangular mirror in black frame hangs on wall behind the floating vanity. Meanwhile, black and white nature-themed photos hang on another wall. You can find glass windows with white frames beside the hanging photos. Interesting curtain that may be made of bamboo adorns the glass windows. The bamboo curtain brings calming natural feel into the elegant bathroom.

If you want to create luxury impression in your bathroom, I suggest you to adorn the windows with long white curtain. It’s alright if the windows already have blinds. You’re still allowed to add the windows with long white curtain. The long white curtain will not only beautify the windows, but also the overall look of your bathroom. In my opinion, long white curtain is also very versatile. You may use the curtain in a bathroom with any style, whether modern or classic.

classic blue arm chair plus table decoration and beautiful flower filled on fancy bathroom designed with window treatment and oval bathtub

glass treatment window combine with modern white bathtub beside elegant bathroom vanity and large mirror plus towel hanger

luxurious curtain cover bathroom window treatment faced with modern white bathtub plus black faucet and aromatherapy candle

minimalist bathroom present white window treatment close with picture frame and modern closet overlooking with shower curtain

navy blue paint wall paired with white frame window treatment equipped with stylish bathroom vanity plus tile backsplash

stylish table lamp close with hand towel plus white washbasin with faucet combine bathroom window treatment

tile and ceramic wall paired with stylish wall light and white bathtub plus twin window treatment beside cool bathroom vanity

white bathtub plus faucet close with window treatment in corner combine with awesome bathroom vanity and cubical shower

window treatment close with oval bathtub equipped with aromatherapy candle and cubical shower

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