Awesome Rooms with Exposed Brick Wall

Brick wall that’s not covered with plaster is often called as exposed brick wall. In older times, people consider room or house with exposed brick wall as ugly or interesting. Today, the perception has changed. A room or house with exposed brick walls is often considered awesome by modern people. Well, what do you think?

traditional exposed brick wall designed with white bed also soaking tub near awning windows idea

It’s a unique and awesome room with an exposed brick wall. The room has traditional impression. There is even a traditional corner fireplace in the room. However, you can find a modern DJ table standing in front of the exposed brick wall. The DJ table gives unique touch to the room. However, the main focus of the room is still the exposed brick wall. Decorative letters of ‘HOT’ hangs on the brick wall, making it appear more impressive.

The second picture shows a very beautiful open living room with a very high entry. The living room is adjacent to a green garden. You can also find an exposed brick wall in the living room. The exposed brick wall makes the living room look more natural, beautiful and warmer. A large framed painting hangs on the exposed brick wall. Elegant modern sofa and chairs decorate the living room. A glass coffee table with small green plant stands in front of the sofa and chairs. There is also a library in the open living room.

A room with exposed brick wall usually has bold traditional impression. However, you can also make a room with exposed brick wall to have modern look. The trick is by painting the exposed brick wall with white color. Take a look at the third picture for your inspiration. It’s a modern bedroom with white-painted exposed brick wall. Although the bedroom has exposed brick wall, it still looks very modern. Thanks to the white paint color!

attractive floor lamps combined with decorative brown living room seating area set next to exposed brick wall also bifold glass doors

comely white bathroom with recessed lights plus exposed brick wall columns decoration

comfy brown wooden living room seating area faced credenza and tv stand in front of exposed brick wall

contemporary brown bedroom interior set with decorative chandelier also large exposed brick wall

inspiring branch wooden bookshelves faced white fur rug plus high exposed brick wall

large black and white bedroom curtains with wooden platform bed set next to exposed brick wall

large living room with brown leather sofa set faced fireplace surrounded by exposed brick wall design

small wooden side table with black tripod lamp set next to exposed brick wall design idea

unique exposed brick wall designed with purple living room seating area near decorative studio floor lamps

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