Awesome Cool Modular Home Designs

There are many popular home designs; modular home must be one of them. With the domination of wooden material, modular home offers you such affordable design. Besides, the characteristic of wood that is warm and cool at once, it is the better design to stable the temperature in your house. Let’s look at some awesome cool modular home designs below.

gray painted on wooden wall and brown roof tile for cool modular home design with white wood fence front of terrace

An L shape modular home design can be your first best design. This is the simplest modular home design for your reference. In addition, to crack the domination of the wooden material used, it is better to install black line frame as boundaries. In addition, the boxy style is just simple as its look with the black wooden pillars decorating the exterior. The large transparent enclosure combination enables you to have great sight outside right from the inner design. Further, completed with a yellowish lounge, you will have such wonderful relaxing time in this modular home design.

The next design must be the combination of wooden deck wall and frosted glass modular home design. Instead of applying boring deck wall all around the building, it is better to combine it with frosted glass enclosure. Further, for awesome outlook, installing black wooden frame to the enclosure will make the building appears in firm style. With golden lighting design, it is just matching with the brownish deck wall application. Moreover, a two stories modular home is highly recommended for you for its glorious style and outlook.

Further, a blue modular home design can be your next alternative choice. Instead of installing the ordinary tan modular house, the blue one is unique. It offers you such contrast combination with the brown wooden accent applied. For a double two stories modular home design, this is the perfect one. Those are some brilliant ideas of modular home designs for your comfortable summer house decoration.

cool modular home decorating with two storey navy wooden wall decorated with yellow flowers near the outdoor kitchen with wooden floor

cool modular home design harmony with nature on ivy roof with beige plaid wall and sunbath chairs near pool on wide wooden terrace

cool modular homes with grey wooden wall and white framed windows also wood garage door

cool stilt modular house design in forest with yellow wooden wall and grey roof also stilt terrace

exterior modular home design with three storey wooden wall decorated with black iron fence on verandas and black iron stairs below

modular home design with gray painted on wooden wall with wood fence at backyard and decorative plant edge the wooden terrace floor

modular home ideas with iron fence on balcony with bedroom glass doors also wooden garage door and recessed lights

white painted on wooden wall and grey polygon roof also comfort patio around breezy yard for cool modular home design

wooden wall and glass doors framed with black line for cool modular home design

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