Admiring the Rustic Look of Industrial Interior Design

There is a number of interior designs we can bring on to our house. Each of them has their own look and uniqueness. Among of all style, we are quite interested in industrial interior design. This type can be said to be able to bring us back to the past. Yes, it is all about vintage looking house that reminds us of old industry. Despite of being old-fashioned, as a matter of fact, it seems to be very preferrable for some homeowners. It is not surprising since this style has its own charm.

Pipe And Metal Industrial Interior Design Apartments

Elements Needed in Creating Industrial Interior Design

If you want to know how to turn your house by applying the design, there are some elements you need for that. You may check them all below.

1. Iron and metal.

If you ever visit an old industry, you must realize how many things are made of iron or metal there. This element can actually be used as a part of our furniture. To illustrate it, we may have a table and chairs which have metal legs. Or, we can also have a bookshelf in which the frames are made of unused thin iron pipes.

2. Weathered wood.

This one is one of the most common elements used in this interior design. Weathered wood is usually applied as the material for wooden furniture like drawers, shelves, table, and so on. From the outside, these furniture seem like having been used for a long time due to its old appearance. In this part, we can literally use old wooden furniture or the new one yet is designed in such a way. One more thing about the usage of this furniture is that not selecting the one that has fretwork. It will not fit in this interior design.

3. Exposed brick wall.

Exposed bricks on the wall can be a good additional touch. If you have a wall made of bricks, just let it be without painting it. If it is already painted, we may paint it back with industrial colors like black, white, or grey. If you want to have brick wall yet you have none in your house, be creative by painting some images that look like it.

4. Chandelier or pendant lamp.

About the lighting, we can choose either chandelier or pendant lamp. This type of lamp will support the industrial look even better. As we know, industrial interior design is rough and cold. This lamp will balance it with soft and warm look depending on the design of the lamp we choose.

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