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Welcome to Eireog.net – You Will Find Inspirational All About Home Interior

By gallery, we do mean it, that we’re a gallery website providing beautiful picture-galleries about home & interior designs along with all their related stuff and topics. And by beautiful, we really mean that you’ll find the best modern home-decor inspirations and contemporary interior-design ideas for your homes and their living areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens, home office, home library and study room, gardens and patio, pools, and many more.

What’s in the galleries?

We’re trying to include useful information as much as possible with each design in the galleries. Those are including the basic info of the design such as titles or names, basic picture-info such as its type (jpg/png/gif), its dimension (pixels) and its file-size (bytes), as well as links to websites where the design-pictures were originally published / found – as we’re trying to appreciate its authors / creators / rightful owners; and also links to the gallery set where you can find more information and similar galleries.

What else?
As you can see, we’ve listed the categories on the menu to the left, which lists most of the popular design-categories / areas of home decor and interior designs, all of which are there to make it easier for you to find the design inspirations and ideas that you’ve been looking for. If those categorizing is not helping enough, we do provide topic-links on each gallery – that will bring you to another page which then presents you with similar designs that are under the same topic; and then there’s the color gallery.

What is color gallery?

In case you haven’t noticed, among other information that we include with each design, we also lists the colors that are used and shown in the design, for example: the wall paint colors or wallpapers, colors of the sofas, tables, wall units or other furniture, including the rugs and floor colors, etc. If you’re wondering what our actual goal is by providing colors information along with their links to the gallery, it’s still the same: we want to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.
As most of us here are looking for inspirations, ideas, references and insights on what’s best for our homes and places we live in, which style we’d want to use on our next remodel, what kind of furniture we should use in our living room in order to achieve certain look and feel … including example use on COLORS. Hence, the color-links and color-galleries. Each of the color-link on each picture will bring you to the color galleries, which then presents you with other designs that uses same colors on their elements.

Okay, got it. Now what?

We just wanted to make sure that you enjoy your time here, and hope that you find our website useful. That’s all.
Now please, browse a bit more and be inspired!

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